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| Online Listing Custodian of Awesomeness

| Online Listing Custodian of Awesomeness


I initiate and monitor the clean-up of faulty business data, so that your local presence can potentially be maximized.

Something you don’t know about me:I used to sing publicly since the age of four, and was a hip-hop choreographer into my young adult years. Words to live by:"If you say when instead of IF, it leaves no room for doubt"Favorite food:Roasted LambWhen I’m not working:I am still working.Tea or coffee?A cup of tea, please.Website I can’t live without:AMAZON BABY!!If I had a superpower:I would fly.Social media platform of choice:FacebookTop childhood movie:Star WarsKaraoke favorite:I Will Survive Hidden talent:Poetry writerSports team of choice:Brazil National Football TeamWhy did the chicken cross the road?He was using Google MapsIf I owned a shop, I would sell:Shoes, I am a maniac for shoes!!Top three dinner guests:My Mom, Jesus and Stevie Wonder.I'm watching:HomelandI'm reading:Nothing at the moment. My reading game is at its lowest, I'm afraid. Work BFF:Kathie SturchioApp I can’t live without:EvernoteWhat’s your wallpaper?ME ME ME!I'm no Jamie Oliver, but I can whip up a delicious:Baked French Toast...wait I am, Jamie Oliver!Star Wars or Star Trek?Star Wars of course!Dream vacation destination:Bora BoraGo-to ice cream flavor:Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughIf I was trending, my hashtag would be:#sheworkshardforhermoney

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