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| The Optimist

| The Optimist


I enthusiastically take on any/every project and provide our brilliant IT team with the information, support, jokes, and sometimes drinks they need to get through each sprint.

Something you don’t know about me:I have been road rage free for 702 days. Words to live by:"If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on." - Sheryl SandbergWhen I’m not working:I mess with my dog. Quite literally, she always has an eye on me. Karaoke favorite:My mic always gets unplugged.. people can be so cruel. Sports team of choice:Any team my little brother is on, Go Saints! (college, not New Orleans)Why did the chicken cross the road?Probably Finance.Star Wars or Star Trek?I like to think I had a normal Mark Hamill obsession in the 90's My morning routine:Up 3-6 minutes before the alarm, "Sookie"[60lb mutt enthusiastically jumps on bed], dog slobber, shower, breakfast, go to place where I get to do this stuff called "work"!First purchase after winning the lottery:Hover board

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