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Marie-Eve Masse

Marie-Eve Masse

Account Manager | Keeping Client Happy
How I drive performance: Measure, Allocate, Repeat
Something you don't know about me: my cousin is Julie
Words to live by: nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Favorite food: Seafood
When I’m not working: I'm with my family
Tea or coffee? Tea
Website I can’t live without: Pinterest
If I had a superpower: Moving Instataneously
Social media platform of choice: Messenger
Top childhood movie: The Witches
Karaoke favorite: Total Eclipse of the Heart
Hidden talent: Talent Manager
Sports team of choice: Buffalo Bills
If I owned a shop, I would sell: Flowers
Top three dinner guests: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I’m watching: Gilmore Girls
I’m reading: Midnight Crossroads
Work BFF: I can't choose just one!
App I can’t live without: Alarm App
What’s your wallpaper? my beautiful daughter Margot
Last ad I loved: The sheep dog with a broken leg that gets to ride in the back of his owner's car in order to gater sheeps
Pirates or ninjas? Pirates
I'm no Jamie Oliver, but I can whip up a delicious: Salmon Tartare
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars
Dream vacation destination: Japan
In the movie of my life, I would be played by: Rachel McAdams
Title of my as-yet-unwritten autobiography: It's in my book!
My morning routine: Granola and Yogurt
First purchase after winning the lottery: Chalet
Go-to ice cream flavor: Banana Gelato
Favorite superhero: Daenerys Targaryen
My spirit animal: Beaver
Brand I admire: Soia and Kyo
Where’s Waldo? Somewhere in a big crowd trying to find his dog
It’s Friday, I’m… drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc
Top of my bucket list: Fly in a hot-air balloon