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Babak Akbarzadeh

Babak Akbarzadeh

Web Developer | Senior Web Developer
How I drive performance: My first step is to fully understand the problem; then I think about the most natural way to solve it. You may ask how, well it's this simple, the solution will come to you.
Something you don't know about me: I secretly work on those problems and many more problems at night! Oh, not to forget, I really enjoy traveling.
When I’m not working: Listening to music or hanging our with friends
Tea or coffee? Tea
Website I can’t live without:
If I had a superpower: Time Traveling | control thee time, control the world
Social media platform of choice: None
Top childhood movie: What Dreams May Come
Hidden talent: Singing, don't ask me to unveil it please!
Sports team of choice: Manchester United
My spirit animal: Tiger