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How we helped promote a new video game campaign across a continent

How we helped promote a new video game campaign across a continent

DAC worked with Target Media and NCSoft in their European-wide launch campaign of their new game blade & Soul. The brief from the client was to build hype around the game launch and maximise visibility within key audience groups at key campaign windows in order to stimulate as many new game sign ups as possible at a low cost per user.

DAC worked to develop search, display and video advertising campaigns that strategically made use of the available budget and complemented campaigns being run on other media - across 20 European countries. We decided to tactically use video, display and text ads to generate impressions and promote key campaign messages and events, targeting users who were either passive, in-market for similar titles or looking for content related to Blade & Soul. This would create a clear path to sign up.

The launch achieved a massive 2 million new players in less than 30 days and our campaigns generated 127.5 million impressions for Blade & Soul in one month. Our display adverts alone drove high numbers of new users at a low cost, with the client only paying £2.78 for each new user who started playing – this was less than half the CPA target! We delivered a cost per view 1/3 below the industry benchmark and well below target.

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