Driving retail store revenue by increasing local search visibility

Driving retail store revenue by increasing local search visibility

Dreams is the UK's leading bed specialist with 170 stores nationwide and a transactional website. Organic sessions were on the decline, largely as a result of PPC and maps results pushing the organic results further down the SERP. An audit of Dreams’ local presence identified an opportunity to address this decline by winning in the local space.

Our strategy was to optimise the store locator pages to improve their relevancy and maximise their impact when used as landing pages for local search activity.

Using our proprietary technology, we were able to distribute correct data to all global vendors, search engines and directories. Due to the nature of the product and size of the stores, there are constant changes in local activity e.g. changing opening hours, new telephone number etc. so – using our technology we were able to continuing to monitor and correct ongoing changes in this data ensuring Dreams could take advantage of opportunities for increased footfall. We also used our technology to manage new store data in line with the company’s expansion.

Since the activity began, we have achieved an e-commerce ROI of 15:1! We have also improved visibility from 15.71% to 97.43%, and accuracy from 89.87% to 94.54%.

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