Video or interactive? We can help you with that.

The amount of content we are exposed to in 2017 is, quite frankly, mind-boggling. How best to deal with content saturation? The answer is simple: be engaging, unique and useful. Creativity is an absolute must!

With such a saturation of gimmicky, try-hard content out there, it is hugely important to stay focused and realistic. At DAC London, we have our feet firmly on the ground. Our creative department works closely with our data and analytics personnel, as well as our technical and accounts teams to ensure that our long-term content strategy is realistic, relevant and in-line with the goals and image of the client in question.

The importance of a suitable content strategy cannot be overlooked. It is the point of contact between business and consumer, between personality and audience. All other online exercises are moulded around your content. It therefore forms the backbone for all other digital-marketing disciplines. On top of this, to hold the attention of the average modern millennial, creative content is a must!

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