Optimising your SEO Activity Masterclass

Don't just be visible: stand out.

Optimising your SEO Activity Masterclass – London MTEX 2018

March 21 & 22, 1 PM,  Search and Ye Shall Find; Optimising your SEO Activity

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What battles should we fight to win relevant organic search space? Ensuring content can be surfaced to “pay off” the intent of the searcher is key to SEO success. At DAC, we care about answering all types of audience need and intent queries because we believe there is little point in producing content if it doesn’t serve a purpose, like driving traffic or helping your website rank for each search of your customer’s journey.

In this masterclass, we will look at the specific opportunities and challenges around trying to rank organically for Informational, Transactional and Navigational types of queries.


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