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eTail Nordic: The Future of Voice Search

The DAC team have returned from their Copenhagen trip, feeding back that it was a fantastic event. A word from our VP Client Strategy, Nasser Sahlool: Thank you to everyone that made it out to Copenhagen for the eTail™ Nordic conference, and to those that connected with the DAC team of Koen Smeets, Tim Maicher […]

What the AdWords just happened to Google’s SERP?!

The internet has been a blaze over the past few days with the news that Google have remove  ads from the right-hand side (RHS) of their search results. While AdWords veterans are understandably concerned, we’ve always optimised our clients’ paid accounts around their broader marketing objectives, rather than blindly aiming for position one. While this […]

Irn Bru turns Google Scottish in London

Preferring to identify myself as a ‘creative’ and swan around digital marketing offices drinking herbal tea and looking tortured, I’ve sometimes been guilty of glazing over when it comes to search volume research. Recently though, I’ve had a change of heart. Consider me a convert to data-driven content. Edinburgh vs. Glasgow Having a background in […]

This Week In Organic

This Week In Organic is a new online Google hangout show, produced by David Bain (he works as Head of Growth at Analytics SEO). The show looks at the latest trends and discussion points in the past week in the world of organic search. Last week’s guests were our own founding director at Ambergreen, Grant […]

In Marketing Automation We (Don’t) Trust

Have you noticed the fingertip speed and agility of a teenager texting or swiping through apps? The dexterity is mesmerising, like watching a spider spin a web. This is but one example (fashioning wheels and building fires are others) of how instinctively we use technology, and in this digital information age, there is so much […]

The App, the Browser and the Mobile Ad Blocker

Browsers were once the battlefields where advertising revenue wars were won and lost. Now, that battle is evolving and we have a new contender on our hands; the mobile ad blocker. There’s nothing new about the ad blocker, internet users have been using them for years and 28% of Americans claim to already use Eyeo’s […]

What are gTLDs & Brand TLDs?

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) are an alternative to standard domain name extensions. Existing domains such as .com, .net and country specific domains such as .co.uk and .fr are now supplemented by word-based domains such as .recipes, .london, .scot and .maps. A Brand TLD is an innovative type of top level domain name (TLD) that […]

April 21st is Mobilegeddon, the day mobile search changes

There’s nothing like a good sensationalist headline to get people listening. On April 21st Google will rank its results differently and websites that are not mobile friendly will be penalised. So if you’ve been sticking your head in the sand for the past 3 years; stop it, it’s now going to hurt your business even […]

2015 Digital Marketing Data and Comms Predictions

Ho Ho Ho As we get into Christmas spirit and everyone digs out their crystal balls and begins to make their predictions for the year ahead, it also gives us time to think about the marketing headlines we read in 2014 and consider that, in reality, we may well put these into practice in 2015. […]