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SEO and SEM: Search The Whole Picture

Since beginning my career in search, the industry has chopped, changed and thrown me a number of curveballs that have challenged and forced me adapt. Through it all though my eagerness to learn both sides of the search spectrum has taught me the areas in which SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) […]

Ranking Reports…Valuable or Hogwash?

Look beyond keyword ranking to define and track success online. By trading in single metric tracking for big-picture thinking teams can better optimize results to drive performance. 5 Key Performance Factors to Focus On 1. Visibility Scores: Your first goal is to ensure when people are searching for your business on a variety of devices […]

Why Subdomains Are Not Bad for SEO

One of the biggest pitfalls of adhering to so-called “SEO best practices” is that human beings are creatures of habit. As such, we cling to ideas that have been relevant to us based on personal experience, sometimes in the face of all logic (just look at all of the websites still using the keyword meta […]