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Customer Journey Analysis: A Beginner’s Guide

Ready to crank up the conversions? This is a beginner’s guide to the Customer Journey Analysis, our method of drawing actionable insights from a site’s user behaviour. Just imagine understanding your customers’ needs, their behaviours, their decision-making processes. With the Customer Journey Analysis, it’s more than possible – it’s guaranteed.

Bringing multi-channel analytics into the marketing mix

We have recently discussed how important it is to have an overview and analyse the whole sequence of marketing channels leading to leads and transactions. For example, if a channel mostly performs as the initiator of communication with potential customers, the use of hard calls-to-action asking a person to buy now might not work as […]

Unlocking the Not Provided Data – An Interview with Analytics SEO

As the latest round of ‘not provided’ changes begin to take shape, we are looking at the various ways the search marketing industry is dealing with the problem. One such company – and a vendor whose products we use ourselves – trying to work solutions to the issues left in the ‘not provided’ wake is […]

Adwords ‘Not Provided’: Why and What it means for you

Through a series of terrifying-sounding headlines and people shouting that the [paid search] world is about to end, most of us have heard that Google will be removing keyword data for paid search as of now. But  if we stop for a second and think about the implications before going into blind-panic mode it becomes […]

Is Google the 500 Pound Gorilla in Social?

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of social media advertising activities has always presented an issue for marketers. How do you prove to your client or company that all those hours spent chatting online with fans and followers will lead to money back in their pocket? That’s what the new features in Google Analytics are […]