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The Hero’s Journey: 4 Stages of Better Blogger Outreach

What do Luke Skywalker, Katniss Everdeen, and Harry Potter all have in common (besides being generally awesome at staying alive)? Like many of pop culture’s greatest heroes, they followed the same path to greatness, a path mythologist Joseph Campbell called “The Hero’s Journey.” The Hero’s Journey is the definitive path to greatness, but it doesn’t […]

Fitting In to Stand Out

Life comes with an unfortunate contradiction built into it. We all want to fit in… and we all want to stand out. It’s one of those eternal conflicts, like the one football fans face when they scream at a referee to “be consistent” yet also to exercise discretion, ‘interpret’ the rules and “show some common […]

Digital PR 7 years later.. #TBT

There’s nothing like looking back looking at the archives at what we were having discussions about in 2008. The sentiment of what we were talking about hasn’t really changed. I wrote this original blog post while I was still in my 30’s and X Factor’s Alexandra Burke had the best selling single of the year, […]

The Four Paradoxes of Digital Copywriting

Copywriters and content marketers are at a metaphorical junction. On the one hand there is a need for great copy that is engaging, informative and rooted in ideas and, on the other, there is a need to produce more and more of it in an increasingly faster paced environment, which runs the risk of diluting […]

The New Faces of Digital PR

Public relations is the sharing of information about an organization, product, or persons with the public. Digital public relations is PR on steroids because of the global boombox that is the internet. Digital PR has an additional benefit – when you successfully share information with the public through news and blogosphere channels, it often leads […]