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10 Benefits of User-Generated Content (with Bob Dylan)

It was early 1964. The world was becoming more uncertain by the minute. One man was determined to find meaning…with his trusty harmonica. Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’” became an instant classic and listeners instantly began analysing its meaning. What was he referring to – civil rights, campus unrest, growing tension between East and […]

The Hero’s Journey: 4 Stages of Better Blogger Outreach

What do Luke Skywalker, Katniss Everdeen, and Harry Potter all have in common (besides being generally awesome at staying alive)? Like many of pop culture’s greatest heroes, they followed the same path to greatness, a path mythologist Joseph Campbell called “The Hero’s Journey.” The Hero’s Journey is the definitive path to greatness, but it doesn’t […]

5 party stereotypes to avoid during a blogger outreach campaign

At DAC (formerly known as Ambergreen), we carry out blogger outreach for a number of clients. Digitally conversing with bloggers about products, events and content is a little like networking at a party. Invariably, you will know a little about those you are talking to, after all they regularly post about their lives online, but […]