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What the AdWords just happened to Google’s SERP?!

The internet has been a blaze over the past few days with the news that Google have remove  ads from the right-hand side (RHS) of their search results. While AdWords veterans are understandably concerned, we’ve always optimised our clients’ paid accounts around their broader marketing objectives, rather than blindly aiming for position one. While this […]

Product Developments in AdWords – What Does it Mean?

We watched with interest and excitement the announcements Jerry Dischler (VP of Product Management at Google) made with regards to the most recent developments of the AdWords Tool Kit. However, the emphasis was less about the tools and the message of putting the constantly connected consumer at the heart of their developments was loud and clear; […]

Unlocking the Not Provided Data – An Interview with Analytics SEO

As the latest round of ‘not provided’ changes begin to take shape, we are looking at the various ways the search marketing industry is dealing with the problem. One such company – and a vendor whose products we use ourselves – trying to work solutions to the issues left in the ‘not provided’ wake is […]

Adwords ‘Not Provided’: Why and What it means for you

Through a series of terrifying-sounding headlines and people shouting that the [paid search] world is about to end, most of us have heard that Google will be removing keyword data for paid search as of now. But  if we stop for a second and think about the implications before going into blind-panic mode it becomes […]