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Apple vs. Google: The war that everyone is talking about

Apple’s recent launching of its own mapping software, to replace the default Google Maps on iPhone and iPad devices, has been described by industry pundits and observers as the latest escalation in a war that is heating up between the two technology giants. Both companies have been focusing on mobile for several years now, and […]

GM snubs Facebook. Is social advertising dead?

The announcement by Big 3 automaker General Motors that they will no longer be advertising on Facebook is probably leading a few companies to question their online media strategy. Should they be questioning their media strategy? Absolutely, every day. There’s no such thing as rinse and repeat in digital media; placing the same ads as […]

Testing 1-2-3

I’m a self-admitted testing geek. What should you test? In a straight A/B test, you pick one variable to test and keep everything else the same. Lots of people make two very common mistakes with this: Either they try to test two variations that are so different that it’s impossible to know what caused the change […]

SMX Toronto Day Two Recap: Seeing the Path Forward

This is part two of a two-part series on SMX (Search Marketing Expo) 2012 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. If the first day of SMX Toronto was all about finding the courage to embark on a journey into the great unknown, the second day was about outfitting attendees with the right maps, gear and […]