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Hey, BERT! Meet the Google AI set to change search forever

For all its myriad patents, products, services, and initiatives, Google’s goal is neatly summed up in a concise mission statement: to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. The search giant’s latest venture—an AI endeavour named BERT—encapsulates this effort perfectly, representing the next logical step in Google’s attempts to interpret exactly […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Local Content That Ranks

The importance of local SEO cannot be overlooked. With the rise of mobile use and Google’s increasingly sophisticated understanding of user intent, ranking locally has become the best way to increase footfall into local businesses.   Rather than focus on the Local Pack (which is the map/geographic-focused results often appearing at the top of the […]

When brands really miss the mark with their influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has come a long way over the past few years, and on the whole, brands are recognising the importance of collaborating with individuals where there is a natural and genuine fit, through the core values they share maybe, and the audience they are impacting. The requirement to demonstrate authenticity has also never been […]

Creative Case Study: In Search of Britain’s Classiest Pet

We took on Clas Ohlson, the third-largest Swedish retailer after Ikea and H&M, as a new digital services client in March this year. For the uninitiated, this brief visual overview available on their company history page indicates the size and value of the company. While huge in Sweden, Clas Ohlson is not a widely known […]

YouTube Video Optimisation Tips (2017 Update)

A few clients have been asking for tips on how best to improve the visibility of their videos in YouTube so I thought I would create a public post to share. There are obvious benefits to embedding videos into the pages on your website. Because Google and modern users prefer rich media, that page can […]

What does the future hold for the automation of creativity?

Automation is impacting all industries, and some industry experts believe it could push unemployment to as much as 50% by 2045, with computers being able to perform almost any job that humans can do. But what effect will it have upon the creative industry? We’ve already seen automation pervade the advertising industry with the rise […]

Ideas, Innovation and Inspiration: 4 Exciting New London Startups

This time last week I went to an intimate tech event in Old Street. Tucked away in the backroom of the trendy Monzo offices (an exciting new startup aiming to revolutionise digital and mobile banking), it felt friendly and unreserved, attendees introducing themselves in huddles and ideas being shared and discussed left, right and centre. The […]

Facebook rolls out ads for Messenger

Facebook has put a great deal of focus into growing Messenger as a chatbot platform this year. Its efforts are paying off as there are 34,000 of these bots already in existence, with brands such as Manchester City, Unilever, HP, the Guardian and Domino’s all signing up. In its latest move, Facebook has now revealed that it is bringing […]

Clerkenwell is the new Black…. friars: A brief look back at our time in the city.

While we still had our fun and fancy office on Sekforde Street back in 2014, despite the counterintuitive prospect of gaining nearly three whole days each year thanks to the shorter commute, moving to Blackfriars didn’t immediately resonate with me.  It has to be said that after the open spaces, friendliness and stylish food markets of Farringdon, […]

How will online content evolve over the next few years?

Last year saw the rise of ‘bait headlines’. Our social feeds were flooded with them, taunting us to click through and become lost in the infinite maze of “this is awesome!” headlines. Reputable brands along with news sites were quick to jump aboard this trend, running jaw-dropping titles (often sponsored) that couldn’t help but pique […]