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Behind the Headlines: How coronavirus is affecting our digital behaviour

A new day, a new coronavirus headline. Over the last month, news outlets have reported extensively on the development and spread of the disease. While the threat to human life has (rightly so) been the main focus, COVID-19 is also posing difficult questions about the health of businesses, markets, and economies. What’s the latest news? […]

A Look at Creative Marketing for Valentine’s Day

Whatever your personal view on Valentine’s Day may be – a special day for you to spend time with and spoil your loved ones, or a shallow, commercial, capitalist invention to steal your money and make you feel inadequate – the fact is that Valentine’s Day means money, and plenty of it. Generating over $20 […]

IKEA goes a wee bit kooky with its ad campaign targeting new mums

Opinion is likely to be very divided over IKEA’s new magazine promotion, which offers discounted cribs to expecting mums. The only catch is that the woman must pee on the ad, and if they are pregnant, the promo code will be revealed! The ad, which is running in Amelia, one of Sweden’s most widely-read women’s […]

The Power of the Infographic

Recent studies have shown that the average human in 2017 has an attention span of 8 seconds. This officially means we can focus for less amount of time than your average gold-fish. Great stuff. Given the fact that consumers are unable to concentrate on anything for longer than a few seconds, while being constantly bombarded […]

How to create great social media content

We are all very aware of the massive amount of content constantly being pumped onto the internet, so I won’t bore you with a mountain of stats. The bottom line is that we are drowning in content, and it is almost impossible to get your brand noticed and on people’s radar. So, when thinking about […]

How marketers can practice local SEO ethically

Scammers, black hat marketers, underhand tactics, pranksters etc, have unfortunately all been a part of the SEO industry, for quite some time. Local search is just as vulnerable, and it’s a problem that’s exacerbated by the growing complexity of the sector. According to the Local Search Association (LSA) headquartered in the US, “on average, small businesses […]

Women in the Marketing Industry: Overcoming Stereotypes, Inequality & Discrimination

On International Women’s Day, DAC thought it would be relevant to take a look at women in digital marketing, and how we are represented in today’s flourishing marketing industry. The marketing/advertising industry historically has a reputation as being male dominated, unwelcoming towards women, and often downright-sexist. While the Mad Men-esque era of this industry has […]

Ambergreen-DAC Edinburgh’s Tino Nombro interviewed by The Scotsman

Tino Nombro, chief executive and co-founder of Ambergreen (now DAC Edinburgh, the DAC’s latest acquisition), was recently interviewed by The Scotsman. In the interview, Nombro discusses the company’s vision for the future as they begin to operate on a larger scale and work to establish a global presence. Edinburgh-based digital marketing agency Ambergreen is the […]

Fighting Food Waste on a Local Level

The amount of food waste produced around the world, and in the UK, is shocking… Here are just a few facts you may not know: Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten, and the value of this wasted food is worth over $1 trillion (to put that in perspective, in the USA […]