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Podcasting is the new radio—and it offers priceless opportunities

Like the sense of suspense in an old time radio drama, digital audio has been steadily establishing prominence over the past decade. According to eMarketer, in fact, digital audio accounted for most time spent on mobile apps in 2019—and it’s only continuing to grow. Music streaming and podcasts have been at the forefront of this […]

How the pandemic is changing consumer behaviour

COVID-19 shocked the world. Now it’s creating an entirely new world that consumers and businesses must adapt to; a world in which abnormal is the new normal—and it can be overwhelming. So, how are consumers behaving in these unprecedented circumstances? Have they changed their behaviour in response to this pandemic? Let’s explore the impact this […]

3 ways restaurants can use data to their advantage

“The evolution of relevance will be data,” said Ryan Ostrom, former Chief Digital Officer at KFC, at the Collision tech conference back in May. So, how is data analytics reshaping the restaurant industry? Data has become one of the most important ingredients for restaurants; the ingredient that helps them stay relevant. Businesses are sitting on […]

How to Engage Independent Travellers in the Digital Age

Click. Click. Click. Click. The familiar sound of convenience. But do you remember what it was like planning a trip before the internet was a thing? No websites, no apps, no e-tickets, no online bookings. Just the thought of it may be an anxiety trigger for those of us who have grown overly dependent on […]

Staying Power: The Importance of Review Management for Hotels

Gone are the days of consumers complaining to no avail. Thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, customer complaints no longer fall on deaf ears—quite the opposite, in fact. Nowadays, online reviews and their impact are amplified, reaching a vast audience. In this post, we explore how reviews affect the online reputation […]

The Rise of Conscious Consumerism

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of the products they purchase. While their priorities differ, some consumers have started consciously (or unconsciously) changing their purchase behavior, deciding where to shop and who to purchase from based on a brand’s social and environmental impact. They’re also starting to pay attention to the impact that businesses […]