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Brand authenticity…an emerging trend for 2016

Earlier this week I received a personalised email from Keith Hanshaw and Uncle Steven Hanshaw, two master craftsmen. As an existing customer of theirs, they were letting me know that it’s been 50-years since Uncle Steven set up The Leather Satchel Co., a family-run business that creates satchels based on the traditional style of Oxford and Cambridge schools. […]

How to keep track of Santa’s movements this Christmas

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, is nowadays seen as the most trusted source of information for tracking Santa’s movements on Christmas eve…but I wonder how many of you know the heart-warming tale behind how this tradition began? Nowadays, most parents among us will turn to our nearest tablet or mobile app for Santa’s […]

Bad science: common pitfalls in attribution and digital planning

The digital marketing industry continues to struggle with its interpretation of ‘attribution’, and how to achieve it. In its most basic sense, attribution means determining the role that any given channel plays in informing and influencing the customer journey. But in an increasingly complex and fragmented marketing landscape where the consumer journey flits between a […]

Hyperlocal: Is it shaping your marketing? It should

Google’s ability to reshape and remodel your business and how you engage with consumers is old news. Hyperlocal is just the latest headline of that story. It’s taken a while to get to this point. But today consumers expect, no matter how large or multi-national your brand may be, you to target them on a […]

Five things big brands can learn from disruptive start-ups

Disruption is how the majority of today’s start-ups flourish. If you consider some of the biggest start-up success stories of the past five years (Uber and Etsy are the first that spring to mind), the single attribute they have in common is they are all outliers. These companies have made their billions by unbundling the […]

Why local businesses should be using content to win local search visibility

More than 90% of all online activities begin with search. It makes one wonder how we found anything before Google! What may come as a bit more of a revelation is that 46% of searchers, now use mobile exclusively for their product research, and the majority of these mobile searches are local specific. People act […]

A New Era for Online Communication? Facebook, Whatsapp and the Mobile Market

Mark Zuckerberg was the most prominent speaker at the Mobile World Congress the other week. The Facebook founder made a strong statement by playing a pivotal role at the conference about the developing prowess of mobile in the tech industry, following the company’s $19bn acquisition of WhatsApp. The mobile industry is expected to become a […]

Make It Rain wins Center Parcs SEO account

6 December 2011, London: Center Parcs, the UK’s favourite short break destination has appointed Make It Rain to drive its SEO account forward into 2012. Center Parcs provides family short breaks in forest settings in the UK, with a variety of outdoor and indoor activities and the famous Subtropical Swimming Paradise. There are 4 UK […]