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Our Latest Recruit: Mark Proctor – Head of SEO

Today we are introducing our latest recruit to the team; Mark Proctor, who is joining us as Head of SEO GW: How are you? Welcome on-board to Ambergreen. You’ve been brought on board as Head of SEO. As the latest recruit, could you tell me a little about yourself and why the change to Ambergreen. MP: Okay, […]

Enterprise Digital Marketing for the Travel Sector

We have watched a lot of travel brands change hands over the years as companies have been bought over and brand names have sometimes changed as a result of this. The larger enterprise players in the travel sector have capitalised on their brand wealth but have not always been aware of the specific details of […]

The Visibility Gap in Travel Marketing

Today’s traveller uses more touch points than ever before they rush off and make the final decision on what company or companies they use to book their online travel. In marketing terms this means the more ground your brand can cover, the better. Your audience may looking for a holiday idea, a location, a hotel, […]

Digital Dog Days of Summer: Getting Burned by Useless Content

It must be silly season again. Every summer we seem to get an influx of pointless ‘marketing’ stories that are neither interesting nor particularly relevant, but someone publishes them and we still often read them anyway. I don’t know if it’s because there are a lack of client wins, or the heat, or we’ve just […]

Search positions and click throughs for the UK and US

Search marketing professionals get to see the real search terms that people use to reach your website on a daily basis; the days of stumbling about in the dark, trying to work out what search terms were used on Google are pretty much over. Google’s webmaster tools now shows us far more information than ever […]

The App, the Browser and the Mobile Ad Blocker

Browsers were once the battlefields where advertising revenue wars were won and lost. Now, that battle is evolving and we have a new contender on our hands; the mobile ad blocker. There’s nothing new about the ad blocker, internet users have been using them for years and 28% of Americans claim to already use Eyeo’s […]

What are gTLDs & Brand TLDs?

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) are an alternative to standard domain name extensions. Existing domains such as .com, .net and country specific domains such as and .fr are now supplemented by word-based domains such as .recipes, .london, .scot and .maps. A Brand TLD is an innovative type of top level domain name (TLD) that […]

What comes 1st, the marketing budget or the strategy?

What comes 1st, the marketing budget or the strategy? We have all seen the briefing that filters its way down from the board room. Next year’s marketing budget is set, yet there seems to be no rationale, no KPI’s, goals or outcomes that align with a strategy that will let the business hit these goals. […]

How will the growth of mobile affect the future of SEO?

Following all the excitement of ‘Mobilegeddon’ – a Google update that favours mobile friendly sites and punishes those that remain stubbornly biased towards the desktop – it seems everyone in digital marketing, indeed, people across a number of industries, have been busy talking and focussing on all things mobile. Anurag Aluwalia, Head of SEO here […]

The Value of Keyword Analysis

Keyword research can play an integral part in updating a brand’s message, product and performance. It can help you to create a content strategy, a user journey for your new website, a paid media campaign, create a new product name, help you reach out to a wider organic audience group or even give you an […]