Monthly Archives: December 2016

Where Do We SEO From Here?: Organic Search Trends for 2017

Savvy marketers will need to master the art AND science of SEO best practices to stay ahead of the pack this year. Here are our top four tips. 1) Mobile will grow (but don’t forget about desktop!) We fully expect Google’s focus on mobile to march on through 2017, as more and more search traffic […]

Our top four digital industry predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we gaze into our crystal ball and share some of our top industry predictions for 2017. There’s little doubt that 2016 has been an exciting year for innovation, particularly within local and voice search. Artificial intelligence has also come along leaps and bounds welcoming promising new entrants like Viv […]

Awesome Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

It’s been a wild year for digital marketing, to put it mildly: expanded text ads roll out, Penguin becomes part of Google core algorithm, and Donald Trump singlehandedly leads a successful brand awareness campaign. Since we were on point with last year’s predictions, we decided to have a go at next year. This should give […]

2017 Trends for Online Display Advertising

As we enter the new year, data and technology will continue to drive innovation and performance of online display advertising for savvy brands. Here are the top six display trends on the horizon. 1) Online to offline attribution gets real Display ads will become more hyper-locally focused to identify not just online lifts through attribution […]

More Errors Announced on Facebook Reporting: What it Means for Brands

In its third admission since September, Facebook announced it has realised more errors in the way it measures engagement with video ads and links to external sites. 2016 has not been a banner year for accuracy at the internet’s second-biggest advertising player – so what does this mean for brands? More and more, agencies and […]

AR, Social Commerce and Nostalgia Tech: Digital Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

The Strategic Insights team at DAC spends all day each day digging into data, looking for insights and trends that can teach us something about what is likely to happen in the digital landscape over the course of the coming weeks, months and years. On a grand scale, futurists from many disciplines have been predicting […]

Why businesses are rushing to embrace Instagram Stories and live streaming.

Since its launch in August, 1.5 million users of Instagram have converted to a business profile, according to the platform’s head of small/medium business advertising EMEA, Jen Ronan. Furthermore, 100 million Instagram users are now uploading Stories on the platform every day, and businesses are apparently leading the way with the creation of this ephemeral […]

eMarketer Taps DAC for its Latest Report: Digital Marketing Trends in Canada

After speaking with top Canadian marketers from companies including Honda, the Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada and our own Mario Lemieux, President of DAC / Canada, eMarketer has identified three key challenges and three opportunities for Canadian marketers in 2017. Multi-touch attribution, ad blocking and the digital talent gap were identified as the biggest things […]

Here are the Top 5 Content Trends for 2017

From data tools to digital asset management, content marketing will see a huge tech boost in the coming year, and companies that embrace and leverage the right tools for their objectives are the ones that will thrive. Good work takes hard work, and good content in a highly saturated market takes continual research and innovation […]