Monthly Archives: May 2015

What are gTLDs & Brand TLDs?

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) are an alternative to standard domain name extensions. Existing domains such as .com, .net and country specific domains such as and .fr are now supplemented by word-based domains such as .recipes, .london, .scot and .maps. A Brand TLD is an innovative type of top level domain name (TLD) that […]

What comes 1st, the marketing budget or the strategy?

What comes 1st, the marketing budget or the strategy? We have all seen the briefing that filters its way down from the board room. Next year’s marketing budget is set, yet there seems to be no rationale, no KPI’s, goals or outcomes that align with a strategy that will let the business hit these goals. […]

10 Content Predictions Bill Gates Got Right in 1996

Twenty years or one score ago — during the dawn of email, Yahoo’s first IPO offering and Sandra Bullock’s magnum opus The Net — Bill Gates penned the 1996 essay “Content is King”. An ambitious forecast on the future of the internet, both Yahoo and even Microsoft have failed to capitalize on the Gates prophecy, […]

How will the growth of mobile affect the future of SEO?

Following all the excitement of ‘Mobilegeddon’ – a Google update that favours mobile friendly sites and punishes those that remain stubbornly biased towards the desktop – it seems everyone in digital marketing, indeed, people across a number of industries, have been busy talking and focussing on all things mobile. Anurag Aluwalia, Head of SEO here […]

The Value of Keyword Analysis

Keyword research can play an integral part in updating a brand’s message, product and performance. It can help you to create a content strategy, a user journey for your new website, a paid media campaign, create a new product name, help you reach out to a wider organic audience group or even give you an […]

One (and a bit) weeks on: MobileMania

Image via Search Engine Land I recently wrote about the upcoming mobile update; #Mobilegeddon is the name that the digital marketing sphere has given it. Google appears to have opted for the slightly more unsettling #MobileMadness. However you choose to name the latest update the most important thing is adhering to what has come to […]