Monthly Archives: October 2014

Google Penguin Update 3.0 is released

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, Google released their latest Penguin update. This is the algorithm update that is supposed to clear out spammy web search results by penalising poor quality links from poor quality web pages. So, has it been a success? The update was rolled out […]

Robots.txt: How to Show Your Best Side to Google

Recently Google changed the way they view sites. In the past search engines tended to see a website much as a user using a text-only browser would. This has since changed. Now search engines have switched to looking at sites as a human would a modern web browser; rich with imagery, video content and a […]

Travel Marketing and Programmatic Advertising

Since the late 90’s, travel marketing has been one of the most competitive sectors to reach, engage, convert and retain customers in. Holiday makers and travellers alike have actively used the web to review prices, levels of service and compare choices of destination and accommodation. The strategies used by the travel industry have evolved considerably […]

UK Digital Ad Spend Skyrocketing in 2014

The IAB have recently released their 6 monthly digital ad spend figures for the first half of 2014. Last year the industry predicted that the half-year digital paid media spend figure in 2014 would come close to the £3.5 billion mark. It has officially been recorded as £3.462 billion (a 16.6% like for like annual […]

All We Want for Christmas is…Measurable Conversion!

If you didn’t start planning “Christmas in July”, we want to be your October Miracle… to help connect your brand with the gift givers on your list. Like many marketers, all we want for Christmas is…measurable conversion! Most retailers have goals of leaving the competition in the dust (or snow, as it were) and surpassing […]

Landing Page Copy: 8 Tips For Hitting the Right Note

You’ve designed a beautiful landing page. You’ve tweaked and tested its responsiveness. You’ve spent hours on keyword research, arriving at what you believe to be a winning blend of high-traffic short-tail and conversion-friendly long-tail. In short, you’re ready for an influx of traffic… or are you? Without effective landing page copy, you risk squandering the […]