Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Mammoth Content Marketing Guide: Easy Ways to Promote Your Online Content

No one who has been involved in internet marketing over the past few years can have missed the industry’s heavily overused war cry: ‘Content Is King,’ which is  loudly trumpeted at every event and conference as well as plastered across every SEO, social media and marketing website. The online business world’s move towards inbound rather than […]

Enhanced PPC campaigns or simply more profit for Google?

Google have changed the way that advertisers can reach their audiences. No longer can you advertise to specific audience groups exclusively targeting them by the device they use. Googles latest money spinning idea is called Enhanced Campaigns Call me a cynic if you want, but I think both myself and our clients liked the way […]

The Great CEO – Marketers Disconnect

It is the question that has been on the cards for far too long; Why can’t marketers convince CEO’s that their multi channel marketing activities actually work for them in a way that is demonstrated by real business performance indicators. CEO’s like to see evidence that is demonstrated in P&L language; revenue, sales, EBIT or […]

SMX Advanced 2013 Recap: The Accelerating Pace of Change

One of the big risks you run when you attend a lot of search marketing conferences is the issue of hearing the same things over and over again. I came out to this year’s SMX Advanced conference in Seattle with that in mind. After all, I was just at SMX East in New York in […]

Investigating and Diagnosing SEO Traffic Decline

  How many times have you looked at your monthly SEO reports and seen a dip in visits and thought “oh sh*t”? If you have clients (or are a brand) in a volatile industry, then this can turn out to be a monthly regime.  Unfortunately, diagnosing a decline in SEO traffic can be a minefield, […]

Coupons in a Multi-Device World

Let’s face it – we are a society that is always on the go. From choosing the next game console to shopping for the latest trendy apparel, consumerism is what makes this world go ‘round. We now have a handful of devices to use to make these purchases. I don’t know about all of you, […]

The Multi-Screen Consumer

The use of mobile search to find local business information is increasing exponentially. DAC’s 2012 proprietary landscape study with Kantar showed mobile as the fifth most popular source used when searching for business information in the U.S. overall. Breaking this down into demographics, mobile is actually the third most used source by those aged 18-34. Consumers are […]