Monthly Archives: October 2012

UK Mobile Ad Spend Increases by 132%

The latest UK advetising spend figures from the IAB’s survey conducted by PWC show that mobile marketing is still rising at an incredible rate. With 58% of the UK now owning smartphones, mobile advertising in the latest year has grown on a YOY basis by 132% to £181.5 million in the first half of 2012. […]

Paid Search, Display and Video Increases in Expenditure Over 2012

Reading through the Digital advertising formats in the latest UK advertising spend figures from the IAB’s survey conducted by PWC, its clear that paid search is still thriving regardless of the economic climate. There have been so many changes in the last year with more advertising choices and granular reporting coupled with countless algorithm changes […]

YouTubes’ search is now ranking videos by ‘minutes watched’

The latest YouTube search results update now takes the amount time watched into consideration more than it does the amount of views. After experimenting with suggested videos it seems viewers seem to be more engaged with less people clicking away. The amount of time people spend viewing the video is now part of the user […]

Google’s SEO: The Number-One Search Engine Through Human Eyes

Learning SEO, although a never-ending process, is fairly straightforward in the early stages.  For me, as is the case in most disciplines, the techniques and procedures sunk in best when I really understood the reasoning behind them.  However, there did seem to be a surprising lack of content really looking at why the copious optimisation […]