Yahoo + Bing = Google?

The January search numbers are out and it’s not surprising that Google continues to reign supreme with nearly 2/3 of all US based searches taking place on the search giant. With such dominance in the marketplace, things look pretty grim for both Yahoo! and Bing who, combined, make up only a 28.3% share of the lucrative search market.

Google:             65.4 percent
Yahoo!:             17 percent
Bing                  11.3 percent
Ask:                   3.8 percent
AOL:                  2.5 percent

But things aren’t as bad for Yahoo! and Bing as these numbers would have us believe. They are probably worse.

When comScore compile their data, they do not discriminate or discount what people search for – a search is a search and that is what is counted. And as such, this includes searches for… Google!

Reading between the data, it is likely that a significant proportion of people searching on Yahoo! and Bing (bearing in mind that many people have these sites set as their homepage) are actually using their search function as a ‘navigational’ tool to help them get to Google. Ouch!

Source: comScore January 2010 U.S. Search Engine Rankings

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