Web 3.0 for Marketers – Are we there yet?

At this point, I’d give it a 2.9 — but more about that later.

First, let’s talk about the Virgin Prunes. If you’re like me, you probably thought you were the only proud owner of their seminal work “”If I die, I die…””. So imagine how thrilled yet surprised you’d be to hear ‘Ulakankulot’ come ripping through the speakers at your high school dance.

That’s exactly how I felt attending SMX Advanced in Seattle last year, where everyone and his intern was drooling over the exploding potential of Local Search. Like feeling lost and found all at the same time!

So what happened this year? In a word, not a word. Not one word about Local or Maps. A heads-up or two about Mobile Search and how it’s still on schedule to explode shortly — and that’s it. Everything was tweet-tastic this and facebookerific that. We must have learned about a thousand tools marketers are using to distort the vision and utility of Twitter and other social platforms. In fact, there are now so many of these tools, there are even tools to evaluate the tools. I guess it’s hard to make your flavor of the month last a whole year, especially when — wait, what’s that? A brand-new taste sensation? Hey, cool… Oh sorry, what was I saying?

Anyway, my point is, I don’t know if the Virgin Prunes are still alive, but believe me, they still deliver a mean fatalistic new-wave beat. Same way Local Search is still top of my playlist for highly qualified, trackable leads with a rock-steady return on investment. Social Media? Absolutely. And I’ll give it back the 0.1 I borrowed when it can prove to me that there’s more than just noise playing on this channel.

Until then, in the famous words of the mighty Prunes: “Take a dream and fly away”…

Tweet, tweet.

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