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Using QR codes more effectively to optimize conversion

QR codes have generated a lot of buzz, but are they still a valid tool to use in marketing planning? Many marketers likely wonder what QR codes are and how can they be used to make money. A QR code is a bar code that can be scanned and read by a smartphone. One can […]

Text Messaging Nirvana – A 93% Conversion Rate

One of the big challenges inherent in text message campaigns is the traditionally low redemption or conversion rate.  With SMS it’s about reach. No other mobile medium can match it in terms of the number of people you can instantly connect with. With that said though, the goal should always be about trying to match […]

The QR Code is Dead

In North America today, the general consensus is that QR codes have a low adoption rate due largely because they are difficult to use. It is thought that if you aren’t tech savvy, the QR code is simply another design element crammed into an already-crammed print ad. Although this may have been true in the […]