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What’s Going on with Google Places Lately?

It seems that changes in Google Places occur daily. Since changes are quick, it is imperative to filter what really matters and what will be the impact. Here is a CliffsNotes version of  a few key happenings that should help you catch up. “This place is permanently closed. Not true?” – this is a Google […]

What is Schema.org?

There’s been a lot of buzz leading up to the launch of Schema.org.  The first thing that makes Schema.org a big deal is that it is agreed upon and standardized.  The second thing that makes Schema.org a big deal is the essence of what it does.  Schema.org provides a standard protocol to add more details […]

Google Further Monetizes Places by Charging for Directions

With the announcement that they will now charge advertisers when searchers click for directions from a local ad extension, Google has taken yet another step in its march toward the monetization of the Google Places channel. Since launching location extensions integrated with a Google Places account, Google has been pushing the product hard with local advertisers. […]

With the Past as Our Guide, We Can Define Our Future

Norm Hagarty, CEO: By now most of us in the directional media industry have heard about TMP’s unfortunate demise. I don’t believe that this kind of turmoil is ever good. It certainly is not good for TMP’s staff, many of whom will face uncertain job prospects (at least in the short term); clients who now […]

Bing Raises the UI Bar with the Bing Business Portal

The long awaited Bing Business Portal is finally live, here are some initial observations: There are a plethora of new features including: New Layout Roles Integrated Product Listings Social Integration (add your Facebook and Twitter URL’s) Deals The biggest feature upgrades are in the Deals section. This gives the user the capabilities to make a […]

The Internet finally surpasses…newspapers?

The Pew Research Center published their annual ‘State of the News Media’ study earlier this month. One of the big takeaways was that for the first time ever more people are turning to the Internet than to newspapers to get their news. This victory was actually a narrow one for Mr. Internets. At the end […]

Blurred Edges: Where Does Local End and Social Begin?

Google is customizing your local search experience. It’s easy to anecdotally speak to the fact that Google is taking a much more aggressive approach to location-based services.  From peripheral products, like Google Buzz and Google Latitude to the rapidly changing Google Places, a lot of development and resources are going into expanding the solutions Google offers to […]