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Social Media for Lead Generation Finally Getting Its Due

My social media feeds are full of people looking for things. This morning, a friend of mine who is a parent of young toddlers posted a desperate plea on Facebook for a recommendation for a maid service. Another was travelling to China on business and was seeking a reliable VPN service to bypass the Great […]

Google Engage Canada Event Recap

Google Engage Canada for Agencies celebrated its one-year anniversary on Monday, September 17 with half-day events held simultaneously across Canada in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. The events, connected by Google+ Hangout, brought over 250 Google Engage members together to share their experience advertising with Google platforms. Images courtesy of Google Canada DAC representatives were invited to join […]

3 Ways to Optimize Google+ Features to Increase Your Search Results

There are lots of questions to ask yourself when planning your social media strategy for the year, but spending time focusing on how your social media efforts will affect your search results should be top of mind. What does that “like,” retweet or +1 mean for your business or client? How is it affecting the […]