It’s time for web content writers and consumers to get back together

Despite an incredibly rich history and countless years together, content writers and consumers have endured  a separation period over the last decade or so. Sadly, the relationship was tragically marred when the search engine came between them.

The search engine was a sexy, young thing that seduced copywriters industry-wide with the promise of page visits and glowing rank reports. Suddenly, a torrid love affair between web content writers and search engines developed. The ardent copy once lavished upon consumers gave way to keyword heavy content, as writers courted the search engines in hope of a favorable rank. And while the goal was always to delight both the search engines and consumers,  oftentimes the looking-to-buy consumer was left wondering where the love had gone.

Those however, were the early years of SEO, and times have slowly changed. Keyword density is no longer the golden child and page rank has begun to take a backseat to far more meaningful conversions.  The importance of UX (user experience) has brought the consumer audience back to the forefront, which means the time has come for web content writers to realize what a good thing they had going with the consumer.  It’s time to woo them once again with words that entice; speak to their needs, play to their wants, and call them cunningly to action.

Of course, we can’t completely ignore the needs of the search engines; even though they’ve turned their fickle gaze from page density to non-content related SEO factors such as page load. Tantalize them with a keyword every now and again, especially in the tags, where they like it best. Just be sure that the bulk of your attention is paid to the consumer. They were your first love, after all.

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