Grey Pins are on my SERP

Today Google rolled out some ‘enhanced content’ updates for Google Places. This upgrade is visible with the Grey Pinpoint.

Below is a quick before and after shot. The ‘after’ shot shows content that is traditionally hidden on the actual place page. This update puts those important details right on the SERP, making it easier for customers to quickly analyze results and choose the one that satisfies their needs. This change means that robust content associated with your listing is even more important.


One box before

One box after



This update also highlights the snippet’s that Google creates to summarize your business in a few keywords. These snippets will come from any data associated with your business, including online reviews and locally related pages. In this example the snippets are good, “Beer Selection”, “Pulled Pork Sandwich” and “Mac & Cheese”. I’ve also seen bad snippets, like “Worst Place Ever” or “Stay Away”; it will become more important to monitor and manage your reputation online.


Phil Britton- Product Manager, Location Based Services

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