By now I’m sure you’ve subjected to the rather odious ads that have been popping-up during your most recent “Pants on The Ground”, “Cute Kittens” or
“Susan Boyle”-themed YouTube experience. Expect to see a lot more as we move deeper into 2010.

Recently, Google has added video search capability to YouTube. We know that on Google, the purpose of a SEM/Pay-Per-Click ad is to drive relevant
traffic to a specific site all with a view to achieve the almighty conversion. With YouTube, the focus is the same. Generate an ad attached to a video
that will click through to a site. Enter “Promoted Video”. To date, ‘thousands’ of advertisers are advertising on YouTube each and every day.

YouTube Google ads serve a dual purpose; outside of just driving clicks to planned conversion points within a destination page, greater opportunities
exist to build brand awareness. While the majority of advertisers at this early stage are small independent companies flogging a single product or
vertical (Utah startup Orabrush that advertises a tongue scraper for example), with YouTube channel optimization and competitive CPMs (average at $4)
can the P&Gs or Cadburys of the world be far behind?

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