Good SEO Copy is All About the Motion in the Ocean

Here’s the quick and dirty truth: if you think that SEO copy has to be boring and robotic either you’re doing it wrong or the Joe SEO that you’ve hired is unaware that even business writing is an art.

What’s that you’ve said? Your pages are ranking like a champion? That’s wonderful …but are they converting? Take a look at Search Engine Land’s Ranking Report Rant and you’ll see what the industry thought leaders have been saying for quite some time. Page rank is the new impressions. It’s now all about the motion in the ocean, folks, and that means fortifying your pages with SEO copy that speaks to your reader and not just to the spiders.

Good SEO copy is elegant as well as strategic, like a marketing love letter. It knows what the reader wants and gives it to them nice and easy. It doesn’t club them over the head with keywords and drag them back to its CTA. Thankfully, as SEO continues to mature SEO copy seems to be coming into its own as a genuine marketing art form. That’s right, creating SEO copy is an art. Delighting the audience as well as the spiders takes a certain finesse, and it’s conversions, not just page rank that should be held up as the measuring stick.

So don’t just look great, with your page 1 ranking. Be great, with results you can feel all the way down to your bottom line.

Darla Grant- Braid, Senior Digital Copywriter

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