Gnarly Mobile App Connecting Local Buyers and Sellers

Finding the panacea to easily bridge the gap between local products or services with ready-to-buy and qualified consumers has always been a challenge. Instinctively we flock to our search engines for something, anything that resembles a local solution to our information quest. A new start-up called Zaarly has taken on the challenge and developed the best real-time application for a real-time local-focused product and service finder available today.

Zaarly claims the application is designed to bring buyers of services and goods together with local sellers and providers in real time. Modeled after a sort of Craigslist-type platform, through the application the user creates an account and then sends out a request for a service like dry cleaning or a car wash. Hosting a business meeting and need it catered? Need to replace the carpet in your house? Put it out there. Buyers set a price that they are willing to pay and local businesses will be alerted to the request filtered by time, place and price.

While still in the infancy stage, the application certainly has promise. Having a critical mass of local businesses that support the application will certainly help consumer adoption. Currently, Zaarly isn’t taking a portion of transaction value but is offering an integrated credit card payment system that will ultimately skim a bit off the top.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. Mobile applications will definitely become omnipresent in consumers’ daily lives. Zaarly represents one of the first steps (outside of traditional mobile search) to connecting local buyers with local sellers. Essentially it puts the power in the hands of the consumers for a change.

Michael Orpen

Program Design Leader

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