For Google, Monopoly is not just a board game

Google is getting into TV. Google does print advertising. Google owns the search space. Google is getting into social media. Monopoly much?
I recognize that Google has a relatively benign reputation as far as a media company is concerned, but it is a real concern that so much media is being consolidated in a single source. Not only is this situation a problem from a monopoly perspective, but it may well affect Google’s focus on what it believes advertisers should care about. A metric that they are begining to focus on more is ‘impression share’ – by moving the focus from clicks and conversions to something as broad as impression share, this may help drive up Google’s revenues, but this comes at the expense of the value proposition that made Google so attractive in the first place. The search revolution was supposed to replace the old way of doing things. Let’s hope Google remembers that and stops this slow morphing into old media.

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