Bing it!

On last night’s episode of Gossip Girl (which I swear I don’t watch, I just happened to be walking past my wife who, to her eternal shame was) two of the characters were arguing a point when one of them told the other to ‘Bing it’. Now, while I’m not an enormous fan of product placement, I don’t mind when it is used in a way that makes sense to the story (Aston Martin, anyone?). I also understand why Microsoft would want to use this particular vehicle to promote the search engine with the tween set. But really, is this the best use of marketing dollars to raise awareness, by basically substituting Bing for Google as a verb? We’re a considerable way away from having Bing enter our common lexicon in the sense that Google has. Maybe rather than simply try to beat Google at its own game, the clever chappies at Microsoft can substitute it for something else. Have one of the characters of the show (which I seriously don’t watch) exclaim OMB (Oh..My..Bing). Silly? Yes. Worse than Bing it? You decide.

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