Are you ready for Social Networking?

With the increased popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, Social Networking has become the topic on the lips of marketing professionals worldwide. “Build a corporate page, post some articles, upload images … Sell, Sell, Sell!” If only it were that simple. Today’s internet audience is looking for a commitment on your behalf before they are willing to commit to being part of your online community, and as a result becoming a brand advocate.

Here are 5 key points that should be kept in mind when considering social networking:

  1. You MUST have a strategy for your initiatives –Understand your main goals and define a tone for your messaging. Develop a long term plan in addition to your kick off strategy.
  2. Post messages that are interesting, relevant and conversational – With so many options at their fingertips, individuals lose interest much faster online than with any other medium. Give them information, opinions, and advice that will keep them coming back for more and recommend your blog/page to others.
  3. Be prepared to address ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is being said about your brand online – If you are unwilling to address controversy you are jeopardizing your credibility!
  4. Ensure that you have the capacity in terms of man power to reply to posts/comments regularly – A few times a day is recommended, a few times a month is not acceptable.
  5. Keep in mind that Social Networking is a Relationship Building tool before a Marketing tool – You want to make people part of your community which will in turn result in them becoming a more loyal customer and brand advocate.


Now that you’re thinking about your next steps, keep in mind that many online resources are available to help you better understand the landscape. So roll up those sleeves and get cracking on your Social Networking Strategy. And when you need someone to review it or come across a roadblock, remember DAC Group’s industry specialists are more than happy to help.

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