An Arms Race in the World of Search

During my daily travels through the SEM/SEO blogosphere I came across an interesting article. “SEO is killing Internet content” the passage
proclaimed. The point trying to be made here was that SEO is simply the byproduct of search engine manipulation – ‘reverse engineering the tricks
used by Google’ to rank sites higher than others.


Keyword stuffing, invisible text and doorway pages are just a few simple examples of techniques used to trick search engines into thinking your site
is something that it’s not. The problem with these techniques is that they ruin the search experience for your customers. Have you ever been at the
wrong end of a bait-and-switch?


The challenge for professionals in our industry isn’t in the fact that it’s relatively simple to utilize ‘black-hat’ tactics to improve the
‘SEO-ness’ of a site…rather it’s our ability to communicate and prove the fact that SEO is a long-term strategy. If you follow search engine best
practices and standards, concentrate on the quality of construction and content you will be rewarded – not just with favorable rankings in search
engine result pages, but by visitors that stay on your site longer and convert at a higher rate.


No short-cuts. It’s proven that constant work and new and relevant content create sustainable and measurable results over the long term.

Employ Black Hat SEO tactics with caution. If you start taking chances on your customer’s search experience, you’ve already lost. The bottom line is
that if the search engines don’t get you first, your prospective customers (or lack thereof) certainly will.

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