Monthly Archives: January 2012

DAC breakfast with Google in Vancouver

As part of ongoing joint efforts between DAC and Google, we hosted a breakfast event in Vancouver at the Georgia Hotel. In attendance were over 30 DAC clients. The subjects discussed included the Canadian digital landscape as well as a peek behind the curtain at upcoming services that Google is launching in the near future. […]

What Google really wants from Search Plus Your World

Most of the world’s conflicts can be boiled down to a pretty simple cause: you have something,  I want it, and if you don’t give it to me I’ll get it from you one way or another. The ongoing dust up between Google and the web’s social media titans is no exception. When Google launched Google Search […]

The Trouble With Statistics…

Recently, several studies about print directory usage have been published with seemingly different results. The most controversial is one executed by Market Authority, a media tracking firm. The study results claim that directory usage is more dominant than digital usage when consumers are searching for business information. They indicated that in the U.S. the perception […]

What Kodak’s Demise Can Teach Us About Advertising

Kodak’s long, slow demise reached its logical conclusion today. Scratch the surface and there is a critical lesson. Kodak did not end up filing for bankruptcy protection because it was not an innovator. After all, Kodak created one of the first digital cameras back in 1975. Was today’s endgame inevitable from that point on? Not […]

Does The Connected Consumer Still Consult Traditional Print Media?

In recent years, as search engine usage has dominated headlines, there has been a widespread pessimism about the survival of the print medium. This applies not only to newspapers and magazines but especially to directional media like Print Yellow Pages directories.  As media usage fragments further with the addition of  iPads and continued adoption of […]

Are you ready for tomorrow’s SOPA blackout?

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a controversial piece of proposed U.S. legislation designed to “fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods.” A large proportion of the digital community is fighting this legislation in hopes of stopping it from passing, on the grounds that it would create some very serious concerns […]

Will Google Search Plus Rock Your Brand’s World?

You have probably heard that Google is beginning the full roll out of their new “Google Search Plus Your World” feature in the coming days. While it is interesting that you will now be able to see your both your own and friends’ pictures and posts in search engine results, let’s be honest and admit […]

The Great Digital Marketing Divide: Bridging Clicks & Bricks

This is the first installment of a multi-part blog series on the growing gap between online marketing efforts measured through online transactions and online marketing measured through offline behaviors.  It’s easy to understand why marketers love online marketing. It’s just so measurable. I spent years in print and broadcast media, and demonstrating return in those […]