Monthly Archives: April 2011

Is Google Offers the next big thing in group buying, or a natural extension of the local coupon? Does it matter?

The announcement of Google Offers will make a splash. No big deal. But what are the implications? Here are some factors to consider: 1. Conversion Tracking For many local businesses the hardest part about search marketing is tracking to conversion. If they could see the effectiveness, they’d probably spend more.  Google offers could provide some relief. The […]

Virgin Atlantic – A Facebook and Twitter Love Story

“Twitter and Facebook are more important to Virgin Atlantic than TV.” Virgin Atlantic VP of Marketing, Porter Gale’s assessment of Social Media’s advantages over traditional mass media further solidifies how forward-thinking companies are embracing and leveraging engagement media. Virgin cleverly capitalizes on Twitter as a guest-service/customer retention tool. When flights are delayed, Virgin uses Twitter […]

With the Past as Our Guide, We Can Define Our Future

Norm Hagarty, CEO: By now most of us in the directional media industry have heard about TMP’s unfortunate demise. I don’t believe that this kind of turmoil is ever good. It certainly is not good for TMP’s staff, many of whom will face uncertain job prospects (at least in the short term); clients who now […]

The “Like” Economy – Quantifying Facebook Engagements

Our discussion on the value of visitor feedback to your site continues… Thanks to an NCAA basketball promotion, Capital One‘s Facebook fans increased by more than 700% in less than two weeks. Consumer participation in the promotion was easy. Access to the content was granted in exchange for a “Like”. As marketers are looking for […]

Google’s Panda +1=New SEO Kung Fu

Google wants to know what you think. The Google +1 update has been well documented here. +1 seems to be part of a trend, wherein Google is taking into account user feedback when doling out search engine rankings. Details are now coming to light about how Google put together its new Panda algorithm update. These […]

Bing Raises the UI Bar with the Bing Business Portal

The long awaited Bing Business Portal is finally live, here are some initial observations: There are a plethora of new features including: New Layout Roles Integrated Product Listings Social Integration (add your Facebook and Twitter URL’s) Deals The biggest feature upgrades are in the Deals section. This gives the user the capabilities to make a […]